Port of Ensenada in a Wheelchair - A Quick Walk

accessible cruise ports Mar 28, 2022

The Port of Ensenada in a Wheelchair - A Quick Walk Through the Main Port Area

When we booked this cruise, it was a replacement for a hotel stay. This was our third cruise in two weeks, and we had three days to fill before we needed to fly to Miami. Using a TA rate, the cruise was cheaper than a hotel, so we booked it.

Ensenada is the only port on this 3 day cruise, and we looked at the excursions, and there was nothing particularly exciting that was accessible. We decided just to walk off the ship and explore the port area.

Sea Lions

As we got off the ship, at the end of the pier on the other side of a fence, there was a sea lion basking in the sun. It was joined by another sea lion which caused a loud discussion between the two of them about who's spot it was.

We watched as they both bellowed and postured trying to show their supremacy, and then the most recent occupant seemed to concede and move away from the original occupant, and things quieted down.

On that point of land next to the pier there were several other sea lions on the rocks and they seemed to ignore the whole argument.

The Walk to the Town

It was a long, but easy walk to town on a well paved sidewalk that led away from the ship. the first large section of this walk has red brick sections alternating with smooth concrete. It is just a little bumpy, quite tolerable for me. As we walked along, a bridge went to the left, a waterfront path toward town.

This was a wide and very smooth path that was very level, and made the wheelchair journey easy for the person in the wheelchair and for the one pushing. The red brick ended and the rest is smooth concrete with a wide wavy red line leading the way. We walked to the end of the waterfront, and then came back a little ways to a small street that had shops along it.

Too Early in the Day

We got off really early, probably about 8:30, and that was before most of the shops opened. There used to be shops in the immediate port area, but they are all closed or gone now.

When we got to the areas where there were shops along the side streets, they were starting to open and put out their merchandise.

We would return along the first main street away from the water. This road has some cutouts for wheelchairs but we wound up walking in the street for some distance because of tour busses blocking the cutouts.

As we walked along, we also found another area of shops, and there were also horse drawn carriages quite close to the pier. The carriage tour price started at $20.00 per person, and dropped to $25.00 total. It looked like fun, but we headed back to the ship.

The Trip Back

Along the section of the port close to the ship we stopped at several areas to take pictures of the ship and of signs saying Ensenada. There are quite a few photo ops with the signs, the ship, and local flowers and cacti.

As we returned, we encountered security checks of our ID as we started into the port area, and then a port security check where they x-rayed the bags we were carrying and checked our IDs, and a final check as we entered the ship.


The accessibility was excellent for most of our walk, with it changing to poor where the tour busses were parked and the sidewalk was not accessible. There was not much traffic, and we never felt unsafe in the street, but things would have been much better it the sidewalk was available.


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