Lunch after Embarkation

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2019

Lunch in Taste After Boarding

One thing that people often don’t know is that some of the main dining rooms are open at lunch on the first day.  On the Breakaway, both Taste and Savor open at 12:00 and serve lunch.  While everyone else was running for the Garden Cafe, my wife and I toured the ship and then when they opened, we went down for a nice quiet lunch.

I failed to get pictures of this menu, and the lunch menu does change slightly each day.  Some of the dishes, like the fish and chips, are standard while a few items are different.


My wife started with the grapefruit and pineapple salad.  The dish was good, the fruit ripe and served chilled.


I started out with a shrimp salad.  The shrimp were properly cooked.  I did think that the salad could have used a little more dressing.  That was a pattern that continued for the entire cruise.  I should have asked for some extra but never did.


I tried the Philly Cheesesteak.  The sandwich was very tasty, and I thought the bread a little too toasted, which made eating it a messy project.  The fries were crisp and had a good flavor.

 My wife had the fish and chips and thought they were very good, fish was properly fried and not overly greasy.  She prefers malt vinegar to tartar sauce, and our server quickly solved that issue.

I selected the creme caramel with berries for dessert, and this proved slightly bland and not overly sweet the caramel sauce was nicely sweet and had a good flavor.


My wife selected the orange chocolate mousse.  The mousse was good, and it had pieces of orange jello toward the bottom of the cup.


We were quite satisfied with the meal. We also had a nice view of the river out of our window by the river. The fuel barge was next to the ship refueling us during lunch.  There was also a container ship passing by.


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