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Why Work With a Micro- Influencer

You might be asking yourself this question.  After all a micro-influencer sounds small, and might not be able to reach millions of people.  The more obvious choice would be to pick someone famous.

In this article Forbes Magazine listed these reasons (https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2021/06/02/micro-influencers-when-smaller-is-better/?sh=7a0ced9c539b)

  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Authenticity
  • Focus
  • Engagement
  • Niche Markets

If we think about mass media, you can get your message in front of millions of people, but how many of them mute the sound, or skim right past your information?  How many of them are in your target market?

The same can be true of the mega-influencers.  They may have a huge following, but the rates they charge reflect the size of their following.  And again the question is how many of the followers are in your target market?

You get more value from every dollar spent with micro-influencers that target niches you want to attract.  In most cases, their audiences have a more personal connection with the influencers.  They also see the influencer as someone like them.  This means the impact is stronger for their audience than most.

What Nano-Influencer Content Costs

Here are typical rates for nano influencers according to Influencer Marketing Hub
Instagram      Nano-influencers: $10–$100 per post
YouTube         Nano-influencers: $20–$200 per video
Twitter            Nano-influencers: $2–$20 per post
Facebook       Nano-influencers: $25–$250 per post
A typical package for a hotel/tour/attraction would include the following:
2 YouTube Videos     $40 to $400 Value
4 Instagram Posts    $40 to $400 Value
5 Tweets                      $10 to  $100  Value
3 Facebook Posts     $75 to  $750 Value
Total Value               $165 to  $1650
The typical package for a transportation provider/restaurant would include the following:
1 YouTube video        $20 to $200 Value
2 Instagram Posts     $20 to $200 Value
2 Tweets                        $4 to $40  Value
1 FB Post                       $25 to $250 Value
Total Value                 $69 to $690
Both packages would also include mentions and links to videos and Facebook posts on the related blog post.
Check out what three YouTube Shorts Videos Created in value for one product here.

Why Us

Traveling with a Chair has a rapidly growing YT channel and our reach extends across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Counting the Facebook groups that we share into, our reach is over 1.5 million individuals. 

We address two extremely valuable niches in the travel market place.   We share content, address concerns, and answers questions about travel for the older travelers, and for those that travel with limitations.

According to a report published by Open Doors Organization (ODO), the economic impact of disability travel is more than $58.7 billion dollars.  That is a huge niche that we target and that makes up part of our audience.

According to a report from Senior Living, shared by Trillium Communities, (https://www.trilliumcommunities.com/senior-buyers-affect-travel-industry/) 81 million senior citizens are planning a trip with in the next year.  Collectively they plan to spend approximately $126 billion dollars.  This is the second niche that we reach with our content.

Why Now

As our influence and audience grow, the value of our content grows.  One video we created over a year ago, has been viewed by more than 11,000 viewers who have spent 661 hours watching the video.  That video is continuing to attract new viewers daily.   That is the equivalent of 4,789,200 views of an entire 30 second commercial by your target audience. 

The video could not be any more targeted, since the great majority of the viewers are people searching for the information.  And because the video is constantly being watched by new people daily, it will continue to grow in value, day after day, year after year.

Also, as our reach and influence grows, the investment to work with us will also increase.  That means if you choose to work with us now, the value of your investment will continue to increase over time.

For a very limited time and on a time available basis, we will work with vendors on an exchange of goods basis.  This offer will not last


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