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Traveling with a Chair: Your Gateway to Barrier-Free Adventures!

The allure of travel lies in exploring new horizons and immersing oneself in unparalleled experiences. At Traveling with a Chair, we believe that these enriching journeys should be as accessible as possible, regardless of mobility challenges. We've embarked on a mission in Wheelchair accessible & Friendly tourism, traveling to diverse destinations and meticulously showcasing their accessibility features. Whether it's the vibrant pulse of urban cities or the tranquil trails of nature havens, our goal is to spotlight places that are not just beautiful but also barrier-free.

But our voyage goes beyond mere exploration. By forging alliances with renowned organizations like AbleVu and WheeltheWorld, we’re broadening our horizons and deepening our expertise. These partnerships enable us to equip our community with a wealth of tailored information, ensuring every traveler finds the precise insights they need for a seamless adventure. Dive into Traveling with a Chair. With us, the world is not just within reach—it’s accessible under your wheels. Together, let's embark on journeys that are as limitless as our spirits!

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Ways in which we help you


We can help you plan your next trip so that you avoid the unexpected obstacles that can make your trip memorable in unpleasant ways. We only recommend destinations, cruises, and land packages that we are confident that they will meet our travelers needs.

We can provide as little help as you want or create a bespoke itinerary to a destination you choose. We work all travel providers so that we can you find the trip you want in the budget you determine.


We travel constantly visiting the destinations that claim to have accessible options, to verify the accessibility. We review the destinations, and we work to share the information for free on our YouTube channel. If you want to know what a destination looks like, or how high the bed is, we collect that information and share it with our audience.

We also have a Facebook group for those that travel with disabilities. It is free and is a community of individuals and families traveling with disabilities. By sharing your questions and your experiences, the community can serve everyone.


We also lead group cruises so that people who travel with disabilities don't have to travel by themselves.  We go with the group and provide support to those with us.


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