Traveling with a Chair

Traveling with a Chair is focused on helping individuals travel better for less and providing information about accessibility in the destinations we discuss.

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Travel Reviews

We review the destinations that we visit.  In our reviews, we identify challenges and opportunities for those with mobility challenges

Cruise Bargains and Money Saving Tips

We are constantly looking for the best cruise bargains for our visitors  I watch the discounters and the cruise lines themselves to identify the best deals.

Travel Tips and Checklists

We also try to identify potential issues that travelers encounter and provide solutions in advance.  

Checklists and Guides

We create useful guides and checklists for travel planning.  Some times the key to a successful trip is making sure that you didn''t miss anything, and we do our best to help you with that process.

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This free guide will help you in planing your trip, whether you are traveling internationally or domestically.


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