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We are Ken and Cheryl Edmonds.  We started creating content about accessible travel when we couldn't find the answers to our simple questions.

Our presence on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and  Instagram shares information for people who travel with challenges of any kind, so they can travel better and avoid the pitfalls.

We also share information for their friends and families that travel with them.

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At Traveling With A Chair, we're on a mission to bridge the gap between vendors and the vibrant community of senior travelers and travelers with disabilities, creating a world where travel is inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration to enhance the travel experience, making it seamless and fulfilling for individuals with disabilities.

Our goal is to connect our niche audience with vendors who are committed to improving accessibility, offering Accessibility Solutions, products and services that cater to the unique needs of our community.

We provide vendors with insights, feedback, and visibility within the accessible travel market, empowering them to understand and meet the specific demands of this underserved demographic.

By showcasing vendors who prioritize accessibility, we aim to foster a travel industry that values inclusivity, where every traveler's needs are considered and met with enthusiasm and innovation.

Join us in our journey to transform the travel landscape, making it more accessible for all.

Together, we can create meaningful experiences, open new doors of opportunity, and show the world that travel knows no boundaries

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Basic Support

Get your establishment recognized and listed as an accessible destination. A straightforward way to emphasize your commitment to inclusivity.

Accessibility audit to identify and help prioritize actions to make your establishment more accessible.

Free listing on the directory.

Listing on AbleVu accessibility map.

Enhanced Support

Virtual 360° Tours Comprehensive 360° tours of your facility, highlighting its accessible features both inside and out.

Dual use: Content can be utilized on your own website, as well as being featured on AbleVu, Wheel The World, and more. Perfect for businesses aiming to visually represent their dedication to all patrons.

Premium Support

Complete Social Media Package

Everything from the Enhanced Support level, plus: A YouTube video tour with Cheryl navigating using her Whill Ci2, showcasing the ease of access.

Photographs for your promotional and social media activities. Dual use: All content created can be showcased on your site and will also be broadcasted our vast community on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Everything from the Premium Support Package.

Wheel The World Mapping Integration into Wheel The World's database, offering robust accessibility data for travelers.