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Meet The Team

We are Ken and Cheryl Edmonds.  We started creating content about accessible travel when we couldn't find the answers to our simple questions.

Our presence on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and  Instagram shares information for people who travel with challenges of any kind, so they can travel better and avoid the pitfalls.

We also share information for their friends and families that travel with them.

I Am Cheryl

I have Marfan's Syndrome and as a result,  most of my back is fused. Along with that I have had multiple joint replacements. As a result, traveling can be a challenge.

I cannot be scanned at the airport without setting off the alarms. My wheelchair and I always have to manually inspected, but I am  used to that.

While I love to travel, being on camera is not my favorite thing. But Ken affectionately calls me his prop, and knows how to brings a smile to my face.

I will say this, we can go to amazing places and have fun even though I  have unique challenges.

I Am Ken


This is a rare picture of me, I am usually behind the camera taking pictures of my beautiful wife.  

We travel a lot, and people think it must be like being on vacation. But we work to capture pictures and  videos that show the answers to common questions about traveling with challenges.

Our other enjoyable task is to review meals and restaurant accessibility.  When there are more than three choices per day, we may have to do double duty.  

Why else am I smiling? The sculpture next to me is chocolate and I am looking for a fork.


Working With Businesess

 We work with a variety of companies and do so in multiple ways.  

  • Product Reviews
  • Hotel Tours and Reviews
  • Resort Tours and Reviews
  • Restaurant Tours and Reviews
  • Destination Tours and Reviews
  • Tour Reviews
  • Interviews with companies that provide support for accessible travel.
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Who We Have Created Content For

 We have created content for a variety of travel providers and for companies that support travel.

The list is not complete and we constantly have projects in the planning and filming stages.

We provide quality content that engages our audience and generates real and lasting value for our clients.

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