About Us

Before the world was hit by the pandemic, Cheryl and I embarked on a journey to shed light on accessible travel. Our adventure began from a place of frustration, as we constantly grappled with the lack of clear, helpful information needed to make informed travel decisions.

Take, for example, a cruise line we came across that proudly announced the availability of beach wheelchairs on their private island. However, the essential details—how to obtain these wheelchairs, the activities you could do with them, and the costs involved—were conspicuously absent.

Recognizing that these were crucial pieces of information that anyone in our community would need, we decided to dive in and start providing answers. Our goal has always been to make travel more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, breaking down barriers one question at a time.

Feel free to connect with us and dive deeper into the world of accessible travel through our adventures and insights. Catch up with us on our social media and let's make travel inclusive together!

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At Traveling With A Chair, founded by Ken and Cheryl, our mission is to empower and inspire individuals with mobility challenges to explore the world without limits. As avid travelers and advocates for accessible travel, we understand firsthand the obstacles and frustrations that can arise when planning trips for those with disabilities. Through our personal experiences, detailed guides, and heartfelt storytelling, we aim to demystify accessible travel, showcasing that adventure is within reach for everyone, regardless of mobility.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, practical advice on accessible travel destinations, cruises, and experiences, ensuring our community is equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Our partnership with leading mobility aid companies like Whill and Scootaround, combined with our extensive travel experience, allows us to offer insights into the latest technologies and services that make travel more accessible and enjoyable.

By sharing our journey, we strive to build a global community of travelers who support and learn from each other, breaking down barriers to inclusive travel one trip at a time. Join us at Traveling With A Chair as we continue to explore the world, proving that with the right resources and support, the joy of travel is accessible to all.

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Our Values

Community and Support

At the heart of Traveling With A Chair is a vibrant community of travelers, sharing experiences, advice, and encouragement. We foster a space where questions are answered, experiences are shared, and every member feels supported. Our community is not just about travel; it's about moving forward together, making the journey accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Accessibility for All

We believe in creating a world where travel is accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability. Our commitment is to provide in-depth, practical advice and resources that open up the world’s wonders to all, ensuring that mobility challenges are no barrier to exploration and adventure.

Empowerment Through Information

Knowledge is the key to unlocking the world. We dedicate ourselves to delivering detailed, firsthand insights into accessible travel options, from cruises to exotic destinations. By providing comprehensive information and honest reviews, we empower our community to make informed decisions and travel with confidence.

Innovation and Partnership

The landscape of accessible travel is ever-evolving. We stay at the forefront of innovation, partnering with industry leaders in mobility solutions like Whill and Scootaround to bring our community the latest in travel technology and services. These partnerships not only enhance our travels but also bring new possibilities to our followers, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in accessible travel.


Meet Cheryl

I have Marfan's Syndrome and as a result,  most of my back is fused. Along with that I have had multiple joint replacements. As a result, traveling can be a challenge.

I cannot be scanned at the airport without setting off the alarms. My wheelchair and I always have to manually inspected, but I am  used to that.

While I love to travel, being on camera is not my favorite thing. But Ken affectionately calls me his prop, and knows how to brings a smile to my face.

I will say this, we can go to amazing places and have fun even though I  have unique challenges.

Meet Ken

This is a rare picture of me, I am usually behind the camera taking pictures of my beautiful wife.  

We travel a lot, and people think it must be like being on vacation. But we work to capture pictures and  videos that show the answers to common questions about traveling with challenges.

Our other enjoyable task is to review meals and restaurant accessibility.  When there are more than three choices per day, we may have to do double duty.  

Why else am I smiling? The sculpture next to me is chocolate and I am looking for a fork.


Destinations to Visit

At Traveling With A Chair, we specialize in curating and sharing accessible travel experiences that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Our journey encompasses everything from luxurious cruises that glide through serene waters, offering easy accessibility and breathtaking views, to adventurous land excursions that bring the wonders of the world within reach.

We delve into city breaks filled with accessible attractions, ensuring that urban exploration is seamless and full of discovery.

Our coverage extends to serene beach vacations where the sand and sea are accessible for everyone, guaranteeing relaxation and enjoyment.

Each travel experience is handpicked and thoroughly researched by us, ensuring that accessibility is never an afterthought.

Whether you're looking for the tranquility of nature, the thrill of new cultures, or the relaxation of a cruise, Traveling With A Chair is your gateway to accessible adventures around the globe.