Norwegian Jewel Day 1 Standard Family Cabin and Balcony

Dec 26, 2019
NCL Jewel Standard Family Balcony Cabin

After lunch, our cabins were available, so set off to set up the cabin. Fortunately most of our bags were there already.

The first issue to address was power, we had 3 phones, 3 tablets and 4 cameras that needed charging, and I also travel with a CPAP. So we brought a regular extension cord and this expansion cord.  It added three outlets and 3 USB connectors.

Then I ran the extension cord across the floor to my side of the bed, always the farthest away from the bathroom. Here is a picture of that.

You can see several things here, on the door of the bathroom, there is an over the door shoe organizer, and it is full already.  You can also see where I taped the extension cord to the floor.  I used Gaffer tape, which sticks well but doesn't leave a residue or damage the walls.  Pictures with links below.

Here is a picture of how we used more than one of the shoe organizers.

On the counter under the TV, you can see we already have the chargers in full use.  

This cabin was very tight for three of us with my wife's wheelchair, as it was a standard family balcony.  We had been upgraded out of an interior ADA room, and they didn't have an ADA balcony available, so we were happy with this even though it was tight.

Here are a more views of the room.  


Here is a link to a kit that has all of these items and some other things we always take.

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