Majestic Colonial Resort Room 4108: A Wheelchair-Accessible Haven?

Sep 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the accessibility features of the Majestic Colonial Resort? Cheryl and I had the pleasure of staying in Room 4107, and we were thoroughly impressed. For wheelchair travelers, this room might be a game-changer.

Ease of Entry
Navigating to our room was a breeze with a broad sidewalk that accommodated both scooters and wheelchairs. The unique wrist band unlocked the door, which opened inwards effortlessly. With a width of 34”, it's safe to say that the majority of mobility devices could pass through with ease.

The Exceptional Bathroom
Divided into two functional areas, the bathroom offers both style and accessibility. While the garden tub may require a lift and isn't readily accessible, the vanity boasts ample space underneath for wheelchair users. The sink controls are not just within easy reach, but also designed as a user-friendly lever.

The real gem? A spacious wet room. Beside the toilet, you'll find ample space for transfers and a handy drop-down rail. The roll-in shower spans the room's length, equipped with a low-mounted handheld nozzle and a refreshing overhead rain shower option. For those who need it, a shower seat is available upon request.

Storage and Amenities
The closet features a convenient lower rod and sliding doors. Ensuring wheelchair users' ease, the safe is strategically positioned for seated access.

Across from the bed, a chest of drawers is easily accessible, topped with a well-stocked, refrigerated mini-bar. The room also boasts a desk-height table, unobstructed beneath and complete with a mini-coffeemaker and condiments on one side. Power outlets? Right at the back wall of the desk.

Rest and Relaxation Areas
The bed's thoughtful design allows for a Hoyer lift, with ample space on either side for wheelchair access. Additionally, the room houses a cozy sofa and coffee table setup, ensuring comfortable conversations for everyone.

Refreshing Patio and Garden Views
Step (or roll) into tranquility with the garden-view room's spacious patio. Wheelchair users will appreciate the wooden ramps on either side of the sliding door, leading out seamlessly. Explore the garden further down a short ramp. Cheryl maneuvered her Whill Ci2 mobility scooter with ease, even on the uneven grass. If you're looking for shade, a grand tree stands tall, offering a cool respite.

After our memorable stay at Room 4107 of the Majestic Colonial Resort, it's evident that the room offers a blend of style and accessibility, making it a prime choice for wheelchair travelers. From its well-thought-out bathroom design to the tranquil garden views, the room sets a high standard for accessibility features. And if you're curious about the rest of the resort, stay tuned for our upcoming posts that delve into other areas. For those of you who prefer a visual tour, don't hesitate to check out our video walkthrough of the room by clicking this link.

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