An Extraordinary Day at Icy Strait Point

On June 1, 2022, I was standing 15 feet behind the zipline platform at Icy Strait Point.

 My fear of heights was at a peak as we had ridden the gondola up the mountain and then taken a truck ride down a very, very steep and narrow road to the zipline. For riders needing assistance they use a UTV or truck to take the from gondola area to zipline.


I knew the zipline would be the fastest way back down and would be a most amazing journey.

More than anything I did not want to take the at least 7 minute long ride down the gondola. 

The group of six riders ahead of us crossed the bridge to the platform and prepared for their descent.

After veing strapped in, the rider in the number six position started to cry out loud. They were released on the count of three, and she continued to cry out as far I could hear.

I thought I hope I enjoy this. I will close my eyes before it starts. 

Taking a moment to collect my thoughts, a lesson I learned years ago would allow me the...

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Long Beach to Catalina Island on the Accessible Catalina Express

accessible wheelchair Apr 25, 2022

When planning a trip with a wheelchair, what do you want to know?  

For us, we are always concerned about accessibility.  

Can we get from one place to another and do so comfortably?  

That means more than can we get the wheelchair onto the transportation, but what are conditions like as we travel. 

What are the bathrooms like?

These were all questions we had about the about our trip to Catalina on the Catalina Express

How Accessible is the Catalina Express

We were very pleasantly surprised by the experience.  We did not find any issues with accessibility, and the crew was outstanding in their willingness to help passengers no matter their ability level.  We did not encounter any barriers, and while the ramp at Catalina Island was steep we had plenty of assistance getting onshore and back on the boat when we returned.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Terminals
  • Boarding
  • Boat Seating Area
  • Accessible Bathroom
  • Food and Beverage
  • Ride
  • ...
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Port of Ensenada in a Wheelchair - A Quick Walk

accessible cruise ports Mar 28, 2022

The Port of Ensenada in a Wheelchair - A Quick Walk Through the Main Port Area

When we booked this cruise, it was a replacement for a hotel stay. This was our third cruise in two weeks, and we had three days to fill before we needed to fly to Miami. Using a TA rate, the cruise was cheaper than a hotel, so we booked it.

Ensenada is the only port on this 3 day cruise, and we looked at the excursions, and there was nothing particularly exciting that was accessible. We decided just to walk off the ship and explore the port area.

Sea Lions

As we got off the ship, at the end of the pier on the other side of a fence, there was a sea lion basking in the sun. It was joined by another sea lion which caused a loud discussion between the two of them about who's spot it was.

We watched as they both bellowed and postured trying to show their supremacy, and then the most recent occupant seemed to concede and move away from the original occupant, and things quieted down.

On that point of land next...

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Planning and Preparing for an Accessible Road Trip

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2022

Planning and Preparing for an Accessible Road Trip

By Kristin Secor


Road Trips can be a fairly affordable and fun way to travel.  They allow you to not only visit a specific destination, but see the beautiful country along the way.  It can also be a great way to have an accessible vacation.  In this post, I’ll give you my tips for planning and preparing for your next accessible road trip.


When to start planning.

Typically, I start planning my next vacation at least one year in advance.  This ensures that I can snag accessible accommodations and get an idea of what the budget for the trip will be.  Unfortunately, being spontaneous and needing accessible travel doesn’t always go together and can lead to disappointment if accessible hotels and activities aren’t available. 


Decide where you want to go.

This can be harder than it sounds.  There are so many great destinations across the United States, that deciding...

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Top10 Tech Gifts for Travelers.

Top Tech Gifts for Travel

Selfie Drones

Selfie drones are a relatively new phenomenon, and the pricing and skill requirements have put this category in reach of the average person.  They allow individuals to capture photos, and that were previously out of reach for most.

When traveling with a drone, the recipient will need to make sure of the laws and rules for drone operation at their destination.  For example, some cruise lines ban drones in any form, and others allow camera drones, but they can only be used ashore.  They need to make sure they are aware of any restrictions and comply with the laws

Zerotech Dobby

This is not the cheapest selfie drone available, but it does have a nice mix of features for the price and is a good entry-level device.

It is primarily a device for selfies and has a limited range of about 300 feet or so, I would worry about losing control outside of that range.  But if you want a great picture from a different vantage point, that...

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Accessibility Issues When Cruising to Icy Strait Point

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021

Accessibility on the cruise port at Icy Strait Point, Alaska and what wheelchair users need to know

So, you are planning a cruise to Icy Strait Point, Alaska. You have heard about the local, Native culture and hospitality and the indescribable wilderness. Wanting to experience it for yourself you would like to tour the port area on your visit but wonder how this will work with my mobility limitations.  

Come along with us and see what to expect on a cruise day on NCL Jewel at Icy Strait Point.  

Preparing for the Day 

Alaska is known for rainy days, but today we are happy to see just some cloudiness. I was able to video some of the trip into Icy Strait Point from our balcony.  The water was very calm, as it usually is on Alaska cruises. As it is April the temperature is cool but not uncomfortable.   

When cruising to Alaska in the early or late season, it is good to remember raingear and warmer clothing. Here is a link to a...

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Getting to New Orleans and the stay there

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2020


We made arrangements for one of our young friends to watch the house, and she was nice enough to take us to the airport.  We flew out of Greensboro, NC to Atlanta and then to New Orleans on Delta.  We like Greensboro because the lines for the TSA checkpoint are never very long.  We were TSA pre-check for the outbound flight which makes the process even easier.  With the wheelchair, they had to swipe it to check for explosives.  Since my wife has numerous metal parts, she always sets off the alarm, and it only took a few seconds for the manual pat down and then we were off to the gate.  One thing I forgot to do was to notify the airline that we needed assistance.  Cheryl just walked the wheelchair down the ramp, and that worked without issue.

The flights went off without a hitch, and we were into New Orleans a little before noon on Wednesday.  We caught a taxi to the hotel, and I think the driver ripped us off...

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Our Winter Getaway on the Breakaway (part one)

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

 About us

My wife and I are both in our 60’s, and my wife has mobility challenges.  She has had her back fused, and several joints replaced.  So as a result, she uses a walker at home and is quite active, but when she has to travel longer distances, and when she may have to sit for extended periods, she then uses a wheelchair.  We are both outgoing and like to meet and talk to new people.

One thing to know about us is we are very much G or PG people.  We have no tolerance for vulgarity or sexual material.  This affects the choices of the shows we attend.  You will read more about our options in later posts.

This blog will address our travels and adventures.  While I will try to provide an abundance of information for those with mobility issues, I will also try to provide information for everyone. 


I would consider us as experienced cruisers, and I will share tips, things we learned, and mistakes we make so...

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Norwegian Jewel Day 2 Activities, Teppanyaki, and Hubbard Glacier

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2019

This was our first full day on the ship.  We all slept really well, I woke earlier than the rest and spent some time on the balcony just filming as we sailed along.  The weather was intermittently rainy but always cloudy.  This would be our day to explore the ship and participate in ship activities.  

When my wife and granddaughter woke up, we went down to the MDR for breakfast, there is something so pleasing in having a sit-down breakfast as the world is sliding by outside your window.  

Since we were at sea and it was raining outside, it was a day to participate in indoor activities.  My wife and granddaughter worked on a puzzle in the game room, and our first planned activity was the fruit carving demonstration in the Atrium.  There is video of the fruit carving on my YT page as well.

After this we again ate lunch in the MDR, the menu was similar to the previous days, and we chose it because we wanted to stay warm and...

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Norwegian Jewel Day 1 Standard Family Cabin and Balcony

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2019

After lunch, our cabins were available, so set off to set up the cabin. Fortunately most of our bags were there already.

The first issue to address was power, we had 3 phones, 3 tablets and 4 cameras that needed charging, and I also travel with a CPAP. So we brought a regular extension cord and this expansion cord.  It added three outlets and 3 USB connectors.

Then I ran the extension cord across the floor to my side of the bed, always the farthest away from the bathroom. Here is a picture of that.

You can see several things here, on the door of the bathroom, there is an over the door shoe organizer, and it is full already.  You can also see where I taped the extension cord to the floor.  I used Gaffer tape, which sticks well but doesn't leave a residue or damage the walls.  Pictures with links below.

Here is a picture of how we used more than one of the shoe organizers.

On the counter under the TV, you can see we already have the chargers in...

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