Unlocking a World of Opportunities: Catering to Baby Boomers and Disabled Travelers in the Travel and Leisure Industry


In the sprawling landscape of the travel and leisure sector, two demographics emerge with a promise of untapped potential - Baby Boomers and disabled travelers. With a combined annual spending of over $178 billion on leisure travel alone, these segments present a significant market opportunity waiting to be explored.

Values in $Billions

An Untapped Market Opportunity

Recent data underscores a promising growth trajectory in both markets. The Baby Boomer cohort, comprising individuals aged 60 and over, is expected to more than double globally from 841 million in 2013 to over 2 billion by 2050. Their penchant for luxury travel accounts for a whopping 80% of the market share, translating to over $120 billion in annual expenditure.

Growth Trends in Baby Boomer and Disabled Traveler Segments

On the flip side, the disabled travelers market is gaining traction rapidly. The economic impact of this demographic continues to burgeon, with adults dedicating $58.7...

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Our Journey from West Palm Beach to Miami with Brightline

Getting to the Miami Brightline Station: A Memorable Journey

Embarking from West Palm Beach

On our way to the Dominican Republic, Cheryl and I opted for a unique experience with Brightline, starting at West Palm Beach. Following a fantastic tour of the expansive Orlando station, our excitement grew to see how West Palm Beach compared. With GPS guidance, we effortlessly arrived and parked on the 9th floor of the garage.

Parking Features & Accessibility

Navigating the neatly organized multi-tiered parking structure was a breeze. With dedicated spaces for Brightline passengers and impressive handicapped spots and charging stations for electric vehicles, we felt catered to. However, a note for solo wheelchair users: the stiff door closer might be challenging. Thankfully, crossing the street was seamless, leading us to the station's inviting automatic doors.

Stiff Door                             ...

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Is Brightline the Easiest Way to Travel From Orlando To Miami With A Disability?

My wife travels with a mobility scooter, and we live near Orlando and travel out of Miami on cruises or flights frequently.  We will examine the choices available to make the journey and review the advantages of traveling via Brightline.

What are the choices?

There really 4 practical options available for everyone.  For abled bodied individuals, any of them might be acceptable, but when you are disabled and make this trip, there are factors that affect your decision.


Flying may be slightly quicker than taking Brightline, but when you factor in needing to check in very early for your flight, and then the wait time for your mobility device to show up, and then get your luggage the time difference is not significant.

When you have to deal with the screening process, even with TSA Pre-Check and have assistance to go through screening, at the airport it is an unpleasant experience.  My wife travels with her Whill Ci2 and so she winds up needing a physical...

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