A Refresher Course at Roger's Scuba Shack Barbados

Roger's Scuba Shack at Carlisle Bay Highway 7, Bridgetown, Barbados, is a great place to learn scuba or to take a refresher course for diving. Ken and I took the in-class instruction and I completed the in-water refresher course. We were hoping the next week to take a dive in Grenada where the facilities are accessible. Hoping to video accessible diving, we took the refresher course to help with that.

Nick was our instructor and was very patient with me as I practiced the in-water skills. The entire staff was very helpful with, and considerate of, my limitations.  Roger's facility is not accessible, nor do they advertise such. But I can walk with assistance and was able to complete the refresher course.

For those with medical conditions, be sure to discuss diving with your doctor and to bring the PADI form (available at PADI.com) filled out by you and your doctor to the scuba shop. There you will fill out another form and the instructor will review it with you. If he has...

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Accessible Barbados Day Trip: Upscale Mall and Animal Flower Cave Restaurant

 A most enjoyable accessible day trip in Barbados would include the Animal Flower Cave and Restaurant on the north side of the island with its beautiful views and local Bajan meals and seafood.

My accessible trip was arranged by Blessed Blossom Transportation and Taxi. I appreciated their care and attention to my needs throughout the day.

On the way north we started with a stop at the Limegrove Lifestyle Center, a modern shopping mall for those with discretionary taste. It is located in Holetown, Barbados. With shops, restaurants, and an ice cream parlor, a morning would pass quickly here.

In the parking lot, just to the left of the entrance, are a few reserved spaces for accessible vehicles and a ramp to enter the mall.

The mall is an open-air style in some places and enclosed hallways in other places, and has two floors. There are several elevators to access the second floor.

This mall specializes in finer shops for those with distinguished taste.

We found a few...

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An Extraordinary Day at Icy Strait Point

On June 1, 2022, I was standing 15 feet behind the zipline platform at Icy Strait Point.

 My fear of heights was at a peak as we had ridden the gondola up the mountain and then taken a truck ride down a very, very steep and narrow road to the zipline. For riders needing assistance they use a UTV or truck to take the from gondola area to zipline.


I knew the zipline would be the fastest way back down and would be a most amazing journey.

More than anything I did not want to take the at least 7 minute long ride down the gondola. 

The group of six riders ahead of us crossed the bridge to the platform and prepared for their descent.

After veing strapped in, the rider in the number six position started to cry out loud. They were released on the count of three, and she continued to cry out as far I could hear.

I thought I hope I enjoy this. I will close my eyes before it starts. 

Taking a moment to collect my thoughts, a lesson I learned years ago would allow me the...

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