SeaLife Center and our evening in Seward

Our next stop was the SeaLife Center in downtown Seward.  The Exon Valdez disaster settlement funded this facility.  It is much more than an aquarium, it is an aquarium, but its main purpose is to care for injured marine wildlife.  While it may have initially been used for wildlife at risk because of the oil spill, it now takes care of orphaned marine mammals, and also has a variety of birds and aquatic creatures.

My family and especially my granddaughter enjoyed our time here.  We looked at most of the exhibits and some of the shows.  The facility deserved more time than we gave it, but we had started at about 5:00 AM, and it was now almost 8:00 PM and we hadn’t even checked into our hotel. 

We started to wait for a shuttle bus to come by, but the weather had improved, and it was only about 1 mile from the SeaLife Center to the Harbor 360 where we were staying so we decided to walk/roll.  It was a slight uphill grade for the first half of...

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