Our Journey from West Palm Beach to Miami with Brightline

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One person in a power chair and one person standing next to orange, black, and gray train

Getting to the Miami Brightline Station: A Memorable Journey

Embarking from West Palm Beach

On our way to the Dominican Republic, Cheryl and I opted for a unique experience with Brightline, starting at West Palm Beach. Following a fantastic tour of the expansive Orlando station, our excitement grew to see how West Palm Beach compared. With GPS guidance, we effortlessly arrived and parked on the 9th floor of the garage.

Parking Features & Accessibility

Navigating the neatly organized multi-tiered parking structure was a breeze. With dedicated spaces for Brightline passengers and impressive handicapped spots and charging stations for electric vehicles, we felt catered to. However, a note for solo wheelchair users: the stiff door closer might be challenging. Thankfully, crossing the street was seamless, leading us to the station's inviting automatic doors.

Stiff Door                                              Elevator Panel                                 Elevator

Exit from the Parking Garage

Swift Baggage & Security Checks

Designed for efficiency, the interior boasted a quick baggage check for a reasonable $10 fee. Security, too, was seamless with Cheryl's Ci2 scooter, and we found ourselves in the waiting area in just 10 minutes. The transition was commendable!

Baggage Check                                                        Lower Lobby with Elevator behind the stairs

Lounge Amenities & Boarding in West Palm Beach

The West Palm Beach lounge, though more compact than its counterparts in Orlando and Miami, retained familiar, luxurious touches. Accessible restrooms were readily available, adding to the comfortable experience.

One of the accessible restrooms in the terminal

An intriguing highlight was the Mary Mary Bar, with its unique association with railroad history, reflecting a blend of nostalgia and modernity.

The Mary Mary Bar

We accessed the premium lounge post-ticket scanning, enjoying coffee, citrus-infused water, and delectable hors d'oeuvres. As part of our Brightline-sponsored experience, a representative from Miami joined us, kickstarting our detailed station tour.

Premium Lounge Amenities

Boarding was refreshingly serene, and the train design catered wonderfully to Cheryl's needs. Since she chose to stay in the Whill Ci2, I took the seat beside her.

 Cheryl on the Whill Ci2  and I am sitting in the seat next to her.

Riding Brightline in Ultimate Comfort

Relaxation was the theme of our train journey. Attentive service, delicious meals, and the Miami skyline's views were highlights. As rain danced outside, we savored our wise choice to travel by train.

Menu and our choices

Weather Outside

Miami Skyline

Exploring Miami's Brightline Station

Arriving at Miami Stations

Miami Station, part of the larger Brightline complex, offered a variety of amenities, from juice bars to luxury condominiums. Unique shopping options and the eclectic Mary Mary Bar caught our eye. Conversations with Brightline's team affirmed their commitment to accessibility.

Brightline Lower Lobby with artwork depicting the local area code

Upper lobby ceiling with apartments above

Touchless automated turnstiles

Premium Lounge with power available at every seat.

Premium Lounge amenities

Final Thoughts on Brightline's Accessible Travel

Our Brightline experience profoundly impacted us. As advocates for accessibility, we found Brightline to be a top-tier travel choice in South Florida. We eagerly await their future expansions.

Here is a link to the video about our Brightline experience.  https://youtu.be/2QyAqHNGTto


This trip, though provided at no cost by Brightline, didn't affect our genuine opinions of the terminals or service.

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