Barbados East Coast and Oistins

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Our transport while we were in Barbados was provided by Blessed Blossom Transport and Taxi Services, our contacts were Dexter and Yolande. The van had a rear wheelchair lift and Cheryl was able to ride in the chair without transferring to a seat. 


From Animal Flower Cave we now head south and pass the boarding area for the Steam Train from St. Nicholas Abbey. We follow this road to the end of the train line and pull over to watch the train arrive.

The Steam Train allows two passengers to help the train staff turn the engine around for the return trip. This is a popular sight to video and all cheered once it was fully turned. 

Across the street from there is the Cherry Hill lookout spot for viewing the Atlantic Ocean from about 800 feet up the mountain.

From the lookout, we continued southward along the east side of the island. This starts as a steep ride on a bumpy road but continues to a flatter road with lookout spots to the large boulders in the ocean called Frog Rocks. These are distinct signs for the east coast of Barbados and make for beautiful photos on a clear day. 

Just a little further and we stopped at the accessible Hillcrest Community Centre. This is a modern open-air restaurant, shop, and picnic area at the coast. The restaurant would make a great place for a bite to eat or a cool drink, to be enjoyed with beautiful views. Here we are on the other side of Frog Rocks.


A mural I found enchanting.

The community center has ramps in most areas and wide walkways for scooters or wheelchairs.

The restaurant was not fully accessible, but I am sure they will serve you nearby.

View of Frog Rocks from the community center.

We were still full from lunch so we just took photos and explored the center. The handicapped restroom is just a bit too narrow for me to consider it fully accessible. I was able to get the Whill C2 inside and use the facilities, but I was not able to turn around to reach the door to exit. So be sure someone knows you need help or back in, to begin with.

We took time to check out a mall where the locals shop. Here we found a nice grocery store, clothing store, and just about everything you would find in a typical US mall. The entrances and stores were accessible. I did not try the restrooms. The mall was busy and quite popular, and the parking lot was quite full. 

  A trip to Barbados would not be complete without an evening at Oinsteens. Oinsteens is a casual beachside open-air food-truck-style venue with live music and vendors of local wares. Here the locals and visitors hang out for a good time together. 


We enjoyed a filly meal at Crystal's Bar & Grill and met friends of Dexter of Yolande. They made us feel more like family than tourists. Prices are not US dollars, but Bajan.

Desserts are available too, but we were satisfied with our meal. 

Come early for a spot to sit, unless you plan to stay quite late. The seats for dining fill quickly and you may have to wait for a space. 

View from Oistins by the beach in the early evening. 

After another pleasant day of touring, we head back to The Club Barbados for a good night's sleep. We were surprised by the number of people who walked home after dinner. We left after dark, but not as late as many who stay for quite a long evening of music and fun. 

Tomorrow we visit museums, a beach, and the boardwalk. Watch for that in another blog soon.


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