Norwegian Jewel Day 2 Activities, Teppanyaki, and Hubbard Glacier

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2019

This was our first full day on the ship.  We all slept really well, I woke earlier than the rest and spent some time on the balcony just filming as we sailed along.  The weather was intermittently rainy but always cloudy.  This would be our day to explore the ship and participate in ship activities.  

When my wife and granddaughter woke up, we went down to the MDR for breakfast, there is something so pleasing in having a sit-down breakfast as the world is sliding by outside your window.  

Since we were at sea and it was raining outside, it was a day to participate in indoor activities.  My wife and granddaughter worked on a puzzle in the game room, and our first planned activity was the fruit carving demonstration in the Atrium.  There is video of the fruit carving on my YT page as well.

After this we again ate lunch in the MDR, the menu was similar to the previous days, and we chose it because we wanted to stay warm and dry.  

We also attended the Cruise Critic meet and greet.  On most sailings with enough cruise critic members, they organize an event where you get a chance to meet some of the ship's officers and usually they will answer some questions and there may be some hors d'oeuvres.  And they were provided on this trip.  Video of that is posted to YouTube as well.

Later in the afternoon as we started getting a little closer, my wife and granddaughter found seats in the Spinaker Lounge to view the glacier.  Since I had a waterproof housing on my action camera, I opted to go outside and try to find reasonably dry vantage points to film.  Those were hard to find, and I would up dealing with the cold and the rain.  The rain wasn't an issue for the camera, other than some buildup on the lens area.

You can see Hubbard in the distance, and we would continue to get closer, you can see the people below all trying to stay dry and warm and being successful in neither. 

We would get closer to the glacier until we had a good view even though the weather was poor with low clouds and low visibility.

One thing that fascinated me, was the people in Kayaks paddling around near the glacier.  To my mind that looked dangerous, and worse, cold and wet.  I am sure they were wearing dry suits, but if you tip a Kayak over in that weather, it could become life-threatening very quickly.  

One thing I realized later in the day was that I could get good footage from my Balcony as the captain turned the ship all the way around.  I could have been relatively warm and dry and seen most of what I saw up above, though I would have missed seeing the other ship, and those kayakers in the water.

I looked and didn't find any pictures of them, but there were probably 20 or 30 of them in the water, and before we left, we could see the ship recovering them.  As cold as it was, we didn't see anything other than some very minor calving.  

After we sailed away from Hubbard Glacier, and that was in the late afternoon, we had dinner in Teppanyaki and the video above is a small piece of the show.  You can see more of the video on YT.  We thought Teppanyaki was the second-best of the specialty dining meals we ate.  Le Bistro is still our first choice for specialty dining.  

The show for the night was Velvet, and we didn't think it matched our tastes and so we elected to rest and get ready for our next day in Icy Strait Point.

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