An Extraordinary Day at Icy Strait Point

accessible alaska cruise excursion gondola icy strait point zipline Sep 30, 2022
Icy Strait Point mountaintop view by gondola near zipline

On June 1, 2022, I was standing 15 feet behind the zipline platform at Icy Strait Point.

 My fear of heights was at a peak as we had ridden the gondola up the mountain and then taken a truck ride down a very, very steep and narrow road to the zipline. For riders needing assistance they use a UTV or truck to take the from gondola area to zipline.


I knew the zipline would be the fastest way back down and would be a most amazing journey.

More than anything I did not want to take the at least 7 minute long ride down the gondola. 

The group of six riders ahead of us crossed the bridge to the platform and prepared for their descent.

After veing strapped in, the rider in the number six position started to cry out loud. They were released on the count of three, and she continued to cry out as far I could hear.

I thought I hope I enjoy this. I will close my eyes before it starts. 

Taking a moment to collect my thoughts, a lesson I learned years ago would allow me the most extraordinary day of my life. 

On a cold winter morning in Minnesota, in March 2006, I was waiting for the biggest surgery of my life, my back fusion. The plan was that starting at the lowest point in my spine, the surgeon and his assistant would fuse my spine, working up, till my  blood count dropped in half, and then they would stop. If they could successfully fuse 5 or 6 discs, I might never need another fusion.

Contributed By Cheryl Edmonds

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